23 March 2014

There's always something going on in The Silurian World...
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20 February 2014

It's the start of a new cycle for The Silurian books. Before the final, a re-birthing for those books already live.
Here is the new 10th anniversary edition of The Fox and The Bear, Book 1: both as a paperback and ebook.
Cover art by Stephen Mulcahey.

11 February 2014

Paperback Writer

I want to be a paperback writer, but no one wants paperbacks anymore. Tis sad, but it's true; that's life, and yet, I persevere in my glorious need to paperback the world with The Silurian: so, drum roll....
The Silurian is back, and fat. Putting on weight, guys, as old age creeps in. The Fox is now 41, and Arthur, 40. This weight gain is manifested in the new print edition of The Fox and the Bear. Yet it's not the Fox and the Bear themselves who you can say have gained weight; they're still as lean as ever, but it's the damn book that has bloated to 570 pages in Book 1, and I love it, cos all my life, I have loved big books!
Back to where I started, on Lulu.com (despite their crappy service in regards to the ebooks, which are now gone from their site and never to return). But I can say Lulu does a good job of the printed books. I'm there!

Just have to finish 'Last Man to Avalon' and the full set will be on offer, up for sacrifice in the cut-throat, kill or be killed world of self publishing.